Paradigm Monitor 7 v7 Floor Tower Speaker - Pair


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Was: $700
Now: $499

Product Overview

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When it comes to getting value for your money, it doesn’t get better than Monitor Series. Since its inception, the Monitor Series has been a favorite of audiophiles on a budget — with Monitor Series, that hasn’t changed.


  • Advanced S-Pal Satin-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Bass/Midrange Cones: Remarkable midrange clarity, superb extended bass response and freedom from unwanted resonances and distortions.
  • Advanced Carbon-Infused Injection-Molded Polypropylene Bass Cones: The high mineral content and injection-molding process have created a durable and rigid cone.
  • Advanced S-Pal Satin-Anodized Pure-AluminumDomes: Powerful neodymium magnets and ferro-fluid cooling for increased power handling
  • Wire Mesh Tweeter Guard and WaveGuide: Wire mesh protection for the pure-aluminum tweeter.
  • The Roman Plinth: Monitor floorstanders sit on a plinth, a sleek and secure base that provides stability for the slimmer footprint — an aesthetically pleasing columnar look.
  • Design: 3-driver, 2-1/2-way bass reflex, quasi-3rd-order resistive port, floorstanding model
  • Crossover: 3rd-order electro-acoustic at 2.0 kHz, 3rd-order electro-acoustic at 700 Hz (lower bass drivers)
  • Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms
  • Bass Driver: 5-1/2" Carbon-Infused Polypropylene Cone, GRIP Chassis
  • Bass/Mid Driver: 5-1/2" S-PAL Cone, GRIP Chassis
  • High-Freq. Driver: 1" S-PAL Dome
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H): (9 x 6.87 x 36) 32.6 lbs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review